What’s Wrong with Comp Time? Ask Government Workers

Once again, Martha Roby (R-AL) has introduced the same discredited comp time bill that leaders in her party have been pushing for years. She’s joined by Senate bill sponsor, Mike Lee (R-UT). Misleadingly titled “The Working Families Flexibility Act,” H.R.

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Labor Project Co-Sponsors Pregnant and Breastfeeding Workers Webinar

Most women entering the labor force today will become pregnant while working. As the rights of unions and women are increasingly under attack, promoting workplace protections for pregnant and breastfeeding workers is critical to the labor movement’s success. During and

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Beware Phony Flexibility Bill

Politicians aren’t always smart, but they’re often shrewd. Say your party has been drawing a lot of heat and needs to show it’s doing something for working families. You read the polls and see what’s moving on the state and

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