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Uncommon Goods Partners with FV@W to Promote Paid Leave

Uncommon Goods Partners with FV@W to Promote Paid Leave

March 8, 2017


UncommonGoods encourages customers to take action with launch of interactive map of states’ paid leave policies, will name Family Values @ Work as a temporary “Better to Give” partner

NEW YORK – Coinciding with International Women’s Day, UncommonGoods, an online crafts marketplace headquartered in Brooklyn, will partner with Family Values @ Work (FV@W), a network of coalitions in 24 states working to pass paid leave policies, to bring attention to the need for inclusive paid family and medical leave policies in the United States.

“UncommonGoods has been a true leader in the fight for paid family and medical leave, implementing its own policy and also advocating for public policies that help all workers—not just those who win the boss or zip code lottery,” said Ellen Bravo, co-director of Family Values @ Work. “The leadership of state coalitions and the private sector is now more important than ever. Many companies have stepped up in recent years because they know paid leave is not only good for families, it’s good for the bottom line. Still, only 14 percent of working people receive paid family leave through an employer. And most small businesses cannot afford to provide this time on their own. That’s why we need a social insurance policy like the ones our coalitions are working to pass. We encourage all business leaders to follow the lead of UncommonGoods and join the fight for a new standard so that all Americans can take the time they need to welcome a new child or care for a serious personal or family illness.”

Customers will be able to find out the status of paid leave in their state through an interactive map which will encourage customers to take action by connecting them with FV@W local coalitions. Additionally, later this month UncommonGoods will name FV@W a Better to Give partner, meaning they will donate $1 to FV@W on behalf of each customer who selects the nonprofit at checkout.

“We want our workers to be there when their families need them – whether it’s to care for a newborn child or a terminally ill parent,” said David Bolotsky, Founder and CEO of UncommonGoods. “That’s why we’ve established a generous paid family leave plan and have successfully advocated for the strongest paid leave policy in the country here in our home state of New York.  I hope that other business leaders will step up and both create these policies at their companies and get their elected officials to support this important legislation. By partnering with Family Values @ Work to create this interactive map, we hope to inspire our customers to take action in the fight for paid leave in every state in the nation.”

To find out more about this new partnership, please visit UncommonGoods’ website here. To learn more about the work of FV@W and how to get involved in the paid leave movement, visit FV@W’s website here.


Family Values @ Work is a network of 24 coalitions working to pass family-friendly policies, such as paid sick days and paid family and medical leave.

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