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Seattle’s Sick Leave Policy Appears to be Healthy for Business

September 10, 2013

It’s been a year since Seattle’s controversial mandatory paid sick leave went into effect.

On Tuesday, a small group of Seattle restaurant owners said it’s been a big success.

“My business has grown 25 percent since last year.” according to Makini Howell, owner of Plum Bistro.

Howell says she has hired seven new employees since the law took effect.

She’s part of a group called The Main Street Alliance of Washington, that says paid sick days for workers has had no negative impact on business.

Brandon Elkins, a restaurant worker at Tutta Bella, has worked there for five years.  This year he started getting paid days off and he has used two because of illness.

“Those days I took off I felt awful in the morning and I called as soon as I woke up to let them know I wasn’t feeling good.”

Tutta Bella owner, Joe Fugere, supports the law.

“Employees are happier than they ever have been, our customers are happier than ever and the bottom line is better than its ever been,” he said.

A group called Healthy Tacoma is working to pass a similar measure in that city.