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January 30, 2013

Miami-Dade’s Earned Sick Time Campaign

The Miami-Dade Coalition for Healthy Families and Workplaces Campaign is working to ensure all jobs in the county include earned sick time. The coalition is diverse and powerful, and built with the leadership of faith leaders, families, unions and a strong champion, Miami-Dade County Commissioner Barbara Jordan (District1).  In October, 2012, the coalition delivered more than 4,000 signed postcards to the Miami-Dade County Commission calling for their support of earned sick time.

Orange County’s Earned Sick Time Campaign

In 2012, Orange County’s Earned Sick Time campaign became the first ever citizen’s initiative to collect enough petitions to place it on the Orange County ballot. Through the petition efforts, the coalition reached out to over 100,000 Orange County residents to support Earned Sick Time of which nearly 75,000 signed the petition. The campaign garnered well over 400 media hits. Unfortunately, the County Commission and Mayor colluded with big business special interest lobbyists to delay the vote to place it on the November ballot. The County broke its own Charter and prevented Earned Sick Time from making the ballot. Since then, the coalition has launched a larger good government campaign that will be working to hold the County elected officials accountable via legal efforts and broad based organizing.



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