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October 19, 2011

Women Employed leads the Illinois Paid Leave Coalition. The Coalition includes dozens of advocacy groups from across the state working to raise public awareness about the need for paid sick days and communicating to legislators the need to establish paid sick days as a new workplace standard in Illinois.

The Illinois Paid Leave Coalition continues to build support among organizations and small businesses to carry our message to key legislators, including reaching out to Women Employed’s 16,000 Action Network members.

The Earned Sick Time Act has been introduced in the House (HB4420) and Senate (SB2789) – and will provide employees who work for employers with 20 or more employees up to 2 paid sick days a year earned one hour for every 40 hours worked for leave for their own illness or preventive care or the illness or preventive care for a family member, or for closure of the employee’s place of business because of a public health emergency or need to care for a child whose school or place of care has been closed because of a public health emergency.

The Family Leave Insurance Program Act has been introduced in the House (HB5409) to establish a fund to provide income support of 67 percent of weekly wages for employees who work for employers with 10 or more workers up to 4 weeks of leave if they are temporarily unable to work due to their own serious illness or their need to provide care to a newborn, newly adopted or newly placed foster child, or to a seriously ill family member. Will be funded by a payroll deduction of $1.50 per week (pro-rated for part-time employees) and matched by the employer.



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