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President Obama’s Announcement Major Win for Working Families

“We must continue to fight to ensure every worker in the United States has access to paid sick days and paid family leave when they need it, as we seek to go from the era of Mad Men to the era of strong families.

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POTUS Action Helps Working Families Succeed as Caregivers and Providers

“We celebrate his unprecedented call for a package of measures to help the millions of families across the country without access to paid sick days and paid family leave. These steps move us closer to a future in which workers aren’t forced to send their kids to school sick, leave their parents at the hospital to recover alone or fall into bankruptcy when they have a baby.

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Momentum for Paid Sick Days Ramps Up in New Year

After years of fighting for paid sick days and paid family leave nationally and in cities and states from Seattle to Orlando, from California to Massachusetts, 2014 marked a historic year of wins for the Family Values @ Work network

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