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Family Values @ Work Announces Spotify Playlist in Support of Paid Family and Medical Leave

Family Values @ Work Announces Spotify Playlist in Support of Paid Family and Medical Leave

May 5, 2016

Playlist aimed at engaging users to call for paid leave programs

NEW YORK—Family Values @ Work, a network of coalitions in 24 states, today released a new Spotify playlist that calls attention to the urgent need to pass paid family and medical leave in the United States. The inspirational playlist is titled “Lead on Love,” and includes songs about family, love, and caring, giving Spotify’s millions of users a way to express support for a paid leave program in their states, paving the way for a national policy. An email accompanying the playlist will give listeners the ability to quickly find resources and take action on the FV@W website.

“At Spotify we recently revamped our global parental leave policy to support all of our employees with families,” said Michael Kim, Global HR Business Partner. “Our new policy best defines who we are culturally with a strong focus on work/family balance, gender equality and the ability for every parent to spend quality time with the people that matter most in their lives.”

“The lack of paid family and medical leave in this country is a national scandal,” said Ellen Bravo, Executive Director of Family Values @ Work. “It’s heartening to see Spotify, which has such cultural resonance, not only implementing policies for its employees, but speaking up in the hopes of spurring public policies that would cover all workers. This playlist will bring comfort and a sense of community to new parents, people caring for seriously ill parents or other family members, or those coping with their own illnesses. It will inspire those who have paid leave and those who don’t to take action. We hope the power of music and this playlist will galvanize people to act on behalf of all of those who have to choose between caring for those they love and holding on to their jobs or paychecks.”

The playlist is now available on Spotify. Examples of songs include “Stand By Me” by Playing for Change, “You’ve Got a Friend” by Carole King, “Letter 2 My Unborn” by 2Pac, “Grandma’s Hands” by Bill Withers, and “Lullaby” by Dixie Chicks.

The full list can be found here:

Paid leave continues to gain momentum as more and more elected officials, candidates, and business leaders recognize it’s not only essential to the economic security of working families—it’s also good for businesses’ bottom lines and a winning political issue. Just last month, New York became the fourth state to pass paid family leave. Bills are currently moving in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Washington, DC; many more are on the horizon.


Family Values @ Work is a network of coalitions in 24 states working to pass policies that value families at work such as paid sick days and affordable family leave.