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Trump Paid Leave Proposal and the FAMILY Act

Trump Paid Leave Proposal and the FAMILY Act

September 13, 2016

In response to news that Trump will announce a proposal for paid maternity leave, Ellen Bravo, one of the foremost experts on paid leave and executive director of Family Values @ Work released the below statement.

“It’s great to see candidates addressing the need for paid leave, given that the U.S. is at the very bottom of the world’s nations when it comes to affordable time to care, and it’s further proof that the voters want a national standard for paid leave.

“But we need to remember that it’s not just pregnant women who welcome new children. Fathers and adoptive parents need time as well. Even those who aren’t parents have parents or partners or other loved ones who occasionally need care, and everyone is liable at some time to have surgery or need to recover from a serious illness. That’s why we support the FAMILY Act, to provide family and medical leave for all of these purposes.”

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