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Art’s story

Art’s story

February 12, 2014

My name is Arthur Helms, I’m a United States Navy Veteran I still can’t get a good paying job. I fought for this country and I still get treated like a slave with a job. I’ve been working for peanuts for 23 years with Wendy’s. The employees used to have vacation time but that’s no more.

I have a bad nerve in my lower back, I can hardly stand up because of it. I had to take days off because of the pain and the medication, which makes me drowsy, and that caused difficulties.  I do not get vacation days, sick days-paid or not, nothing. Being off work and not getting paid I’m in danger of being evicted and losing my apartment.

Now I’m seeing a therapist because I’m stressed and depressed because I don’t know how I’m going to get my rent paid or my bills paid. I’m working a lot less hours than before because I keep having to go to the doctors. I keep showing them my hospital papers so they understand I’m sick but I’m afraid I’m going to get fired.

If I had paid sick days or paid sick leave I could take care of my back and not worry about whether I’m going to end up homeless.