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Ashley’s Story

Ashley’s Story

September 14, 2013

Having worked many part-time and full-time customer service jobs over the last 5 years, I have come to understand that the inability to go to work because of an illness is frowned upon in the workplace.  I have come to realize that many employers have this idea that no one can possibly be sick enough to skip work. I have seen employers act as though all young employees only call out sick when they have partied too hard the night before or when they just don’t feel like working. As a hardworking individual, I am offended at those assumptions. I have never called out sick from work. Not because I have never needed to, but because I have been afraid that my trusting relationship with my employer would fade, that he/she would assume I was lying, and consider me to be unreliable.

Since workers are reliable and trustworthy enough to hire, then they are reliable and trustworthy enough to stay home sick, with pay, when they are unable to work. We all deserve to be treated as dignified adults in the workplace. We are all human, we all get sick, but not all of us can afford to take time off.



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