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Josh – Paid Leave and Bonding

Josh – Paid Leave and Bonding

September 16, 2016

I’m the father of two kids, a 5 month old (Abby) and an almost five year old (Bela).  When Abby was born, I was incredibly blessed to receive two months paid time off from Meetup, where I work as a software engineer.  For my first daughter, Bela, I was given a week paid time off (which I was grateful for) but we decided to spend through our savings so I could take a few months leave.

I always tell other dads that taking that initial time off to bond and learn together with the new baby was one of the best decisions I ever made.  That initial time is just so important — not just for bonding and emotional understanding, but for feeling like an equal and competent parent and being in tune with what’s going on with your lil’ one!  I feel like it gave me a critical & deep foundation for parenting that I’m incredibly grateful for.

Everyone needs paid family leave so they can have the same opportunity.






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