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Lourdes’ Story

Lourdes’ Story

February 9, 2011

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My name is Lourdes and since I came to this country many years ago, I have always worked in restaurants to support myself and my family. I have never had paid sick days at any of my jobs. As a result, I have gone to work sick several times.

Three years ago, while I was working as a cooker at a restaurant, I had an accident on the job. I was cooking, when a pan of hot oil fell on me, burning my shoulders, armpit, and wrist. The managers did not want to call an ambulance for me, so I had to go to the hospital alone. The next day, I returned to work. The managers gave me $40.00 and told me not to return to work because they did not want any problems. I felt desperate due to the burns on my skin, and I also no longer had a job. I soon began to receive threats from the mangers because they did not want me to sue.

I am a single mother raising four children. I had been working thirteen hours a day, six days a week at that restaurant. I was seriously injured while working, and not only did they not pay for the time I spent in the hospital and at home recovering, but I lost my job for the time, I took to recover. The accident was not my fault, yet I was fully responsible for the consequences.




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