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arthur 6

Art’s story

“I keep showing them my hospital papers so they’ll know I’m sick…I’m in danger of being evicted and losing my apartment. Now I’m seeing a therapist because I’m stressed and depressed because I don’t know how I’m going to get my rent paid or my bills paid.”

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Carlos final

Carlos’ Story

“I did not want to lose my job, so I had to work while sick and put the public and my co-workers at risk. Days later, a colleague of mine did get the flu from me and I worry who else was infected from working while sick.”

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Tammy Russo 2 sons

Tammy’s Story

“The financial strain of my leave was substantial but unfortunately its coverage wasn’t. I became very worried about how we would pay for all of our bills and still allow for my son to receive the care from the ones who know his needs best-my husband and I.”

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Alma Tacoma WA edits

Alma’s story

“We don’t call in sick. Nobody has ever called in unless they were in the hospital”

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la foto rz

Marie’s Story

“Because I exhausted my [PTO] and . . . borrowed days, I now have a negative number of days [and] am not eligible for any payment during my leave with this baby. My partner has taken a consulting job and is working evening and weekends in order for us to be able to afford for to me to stay with the baby”

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Mark Rosen RS

Mark’s Story

“[Paid Family Leave] is something that all of us need . . . we’re all going to face baby boomers, we’re all going to face our parents aging . . we need this.”

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