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Armando Finalrs

Armando’s Story

“In 2007 my wife Silvia developed eye problems and had a lot of doctor appointments. I worked nights so that . . . I could be with my family [during the day] . . . [and] hardly slept. When my wife had her operations, I would leave work at 6am, leave the house with her at 7am and go to the hospital, [not returning home until] seven at night [to] sleep two hours before going to work . . . ”

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Carolynn’s Story

“[Making sure I still had] a job at the end of my recovery . . . [was] my concern, not surviving cancer.”

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Peter’s Story

“We’ve been in business for 46 years . . . [and this] Company is a small, minority-owned company . . . [that believes paid sick days] boosts our employee morale and . . . [gives] us the incentive to really work hard.”

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Josefa’s Story

“Sometimes when [either I or my daughter] got sick, I had to miss work and my boss would get upset, saying, “If you can’t work, or don’t want to work, then it’s best if I look for another person.”

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lisa lopez rs

Lisa’s Story

“As a single mother and sole provider in my house, getting sick was not an option for me.”

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Jerrilyns Photo.jpg

Jerrilyn’s Story

“I know when it’s my time to die and I think back about my life, I won’t give a damn whether I was at work or not, but I will care that I was with my dad. . . Work is important, but not as important as my family, my children, my husband. Those are the things that count in life. . . I had my dad for 94 years. . . I’m fortunate that I was able to be with him when he was sick. Everyone should be able to do that.”

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