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Paid Sick Days - Not NyQuil

Paid Sick Days - Not NyQuil

Tell Congress to ignore the NyQuil ad, heed the President’s call and pass the Health Families Act today.
Letters to POTUS

Letters to POTUS

Letters from all 21 states in the Family Values @ Work network to President Obama urging action on paid sick days and paid leave
Happy Birthday FMLA!

Happy Birthday FMLA!

Activists from around the country to reflect on what FMLA means in their states, how states are taking action to improve it and where we still need to do work as part of our FMLA Birthday Blog Carnival!
Celebrating FMLA at 20

Celebrating FMLA at 20

Celebrating FMLA at 20 Vivian Mikhail used FMLA to care for her daughter, Nadia, when she was diagnosed with a condition that left her deaf in both ears.
New York

New York

At City Hall, school children share why their parents need paid sick days.

#NewJersey Paid sick leave advocates rally at courthouse #paidsickdays

Chicago to weigh mandatory paid leave for new parents

Earned sick days laws support everyone #PaidSickDays

Our Nation's Pay Policies Are Due for a Checkup #PaidLeave #PaidSickDays @AFSCME

Andrea Paluso, a true leader in the fight for #paidsickdays & paid family policies in Oregon @familyforward #congrats

Trenton, NJ #paidsickdays law lives! Judge clears the way for healthy working families #goodnews #jersey

White House honors Randy George, co-owner of Red Hen Bakery @RedHenBaking #WHchamps #PaidSickDays #FamilyFriendly

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What They're Saying


“For me, providing paid sick days is about public health. It’s also smart business to maintain high employee morale and retention. But, most fundamentally, it’s about treating people how you would want to be treated.”

Makini Howell, Owner of Plum Bistro in Seattle, WA

“Labor is committed to winning minimum protections for all workers, so that no one has to risk their job to care for a loved one.”

John Fleck, President of Denver Area Labor Federation, CO
Margot Dorfman

“The U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce strongly and enthusiastically endorses the earned sick time legislation because it supports small businesses, benefits workers and encourages an equitable workplace for women. Without earned sick days, many women face the impossible choice of sending a sick child to school or coming to work sick for fear of losing income or their job.” 

Margot Dorfman CEO of the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce
Heather Howard

“The benefits for working families provided by Family Leave Insurance go beyond financial security. Having the time to bond with a new baby or care for a sick loved one is priceless and thankfully no longer a luxury for New Jersey families. Paid family leave creates the opportunities that all families deserve.”

Heather Howard, Former Commissioner of Health and Senior Services, NJ

“As a civilized society we have the ability to place public good over individual cost. That’s why we have a minimum wage, child labor laws, and workplace safety standards. Good public health is good business. And that’s why we should have the Paid Sick Time Act.”

Marjorie J. Hill, CEO of Gay Men’s Health Crisis, NY

“Paid sick days is a policy that helps working families and our economy. Connecticut is proud to be the first state to make sure working families don’t have to choose between their health and their job.”

Representative Chris Donovan, Speaker of the House, CT