Why I Became An Activist

Secretary of Labor Tom Perez recently said, “…as is so often the case on important public policy issues, we need states and localities to be the incubators of innovation. It’s their efforts … that will pave the way for national reform.”

And it is the efforts of activists like these who are driving that innovation. Their work will lead to national policies that can create an economy that works for everyone. These policies include:

– The Healthy Families Act, which will ensure workers can earn up to 7 paid sick days to care for themselves or a family member.

– The FAMILY Act, which will create a social insurance fund that enables workers to draw a significant portion of their wages while out on family or medical leave.

We applaud the thousands of activists around the country who are leading the charge by acting together.

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  • Yair Buendia, Oregon
    Yair was a high school student and member of Juventud Faceta, a Latino youth group in Eugene, when he learned of the paid sick days campaign. This was an issue The post Yair Buendia, Oregon appeared first on Family Values @ Work.
  • David Deary, Rhode Island
    Life changed dramatically for David and his wife when their second son, Caleb, was born with a rare genetic brain malformation that left him profoundly disabled. Early on they met The post David Deary, Rhode Island appeared first on Family Values @ Work.
  • Nancy Yarbrough, Wisconsin
    Nancy Yarbrough knew exactly where she should be when her mother’s health deteriorated – at her side in the hospital. That meant a month without pay. So when she met The post Nancy Yarbrough, Wisconsin appeared first on Family Values @ Work.
  • Natasha West-Baker, Seattle
    Natasha learned about the Seattle paid sick days campaign while working at a major grocery store in 2010. Although workers earned paid sick days, she says, “it was almost unusable; The post Natasha West-Baker, Seattle appeared first on Family Values @ Work.
  • Kim Schofield, Georgia
    Kim first heard of the Family Care Act, which would ensure those who earn paid sick days can use the time to care for family members, from her state senator, The post Kim Schofield, Georgia appeared first on Family Values @ Work.
  • Sara Orris, Connecticut
    Sara Orris, a teacher for 14 years, has an 11-year-old daughter Natalie with a rare genetic condition. Last year after a grueling surgery and hospital stay, Natalie needed around-the-clock care The post Sara Orris, Connecticut appeared first on Family Values @ Work.
  • Safiyyah A. Muhammad, New Jersey
    Safiyyah remembers walking by a NJ Citizen Action table at a NJ Black Issues Convention, where she was receiving an award for peer support to parents of kids with special The post Safiyyah A. Muhammad, New Jersey appeared first on Family Values @ Work.
  • Emanuel McCray, Baltimore
    Having cancer is stressful enough – but it’s even worse when you have no paid sick days to see a doctor or receive treatment without being docked your pay. Outside The post Emanuel McCray, Baltimore appeared first on Family Values @ Work.
  • Inneshia Hart, New York
    Inneshia first heard about the paid family leave insurance (PFLI) campaign in New York at an 1199 SEIU conference for home health aides. When an organizer asked people to share The post Inneshia Hart, New York appeared first on Family Values @ Work.
  • Fabiola Gonzalez, Denver Colorado
    Fabiola had been working at her retail job for four years when her dad became ill. She took a week when he had surgery, but had to go back because The post Fabiola Gonzalez, Denver Colorado appeared first on Family Values @ Work.