The Impact of Family Values @ Work

In Your States

Babies, cancer, ailing parents — these issues affect all of us. The state and local coalitions in Family Values @ Work’s network together engage more than 2000 organizations on the ground to show the breadth of the problem and the need for policy solutions, and to build the power to win them. These partners include restaurant owners and restaurant workers, people who fight poverty and those who fight asthma, advocates for children and for seniors, racial justice activists and public health experts, LGBTQ groups and many more. Learn more about our state and local coalitions »


Our work highlights the human consequences of current workplace policies, and the promising practices of employers who support the dignity of their workers and staff through their workplace policies. Our partners and coalitions are winning paid sick days and paid leave for working families at the state and local levels – building momentum towards a national policy; to date, over 40 million workers have been positively impacted by our work. See our timeline of wins »


Coalitions in our network have organized with marginalized communities and crafted paid sick day and paid family bill language with diverse families in mind. States like Oregon, Vermont, Michigan, Washington, and New York, as well as cities like Albuquerque, Chicago, Wisconsin, and DC have updated their campaign’s “family” definition to be inclusive of LGBTQ families, chosen families, multi-generational households, mixed-documentation status families, and other kinds of diverse family structures so that all families can thrive.

Labor and Working Families

We envision an American workplace that places equal value on doing our jobs and caring for our families. We envision an active and engaged movement that collectively ensures our rights as workers, family members and caregivers. We believe that unions play a pivotal role in advancing family-friendly policies as part of a broader effort to promote the health and economic security of working families. Learn more about Labor Project for Working Families »


Every one of our coalitions includes business partners who make the case that the policies we fight for are the smart as well as the right thing to do. They understand how paid sick days and affordable family leave help retain their workers and also boost the financial well-being of their customers. Our coalitions create avenues for these business owners to speak out. Nationally we work with business associations like Main Street Alliance, Small Business Majority and the American Sustainable Business Council to identify and highlight champions. The added visibility also inspires best practice employers to expand the policies they offer – and more and more, to speak out for public policy as well.  See our story bank featuring businesses and workers »