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Cortney – No Matter How Sick You Are, You Are Penalized

Cortney – No Matter How Sick You Are, You Are Penalized

February 7, 2018

I work for a textile mill that has no sick days. We have 1 personal day a year. Vacation is scarce. The days are long and the work is hard depending on what machine you are running that day. Doctors’ notes are not an excusable way of avoiding an absence point in a very strict system. No matter how sick you are, you are penalized for not showing up to work. This system was supposed to be a way of punishing bad employees for not coming to work, a point for every day missed, a half a point if you are there for 2 hours at least. But this system has not given good workers a way out when something terrible and unexpected happens in their life. Health insurance costs us $60+ a week, even more if you are working mandatory overtime. That’s right: The more you work, the more you pay.

People get sick and without employees, employers are left with no one to manufacture their goods. We need this company to take care of us so we can take care of them. I know it’s located in a small town in Pennsylvania, but we need our voices to be heard.