FMLA Turns 21: Dare to Imagine the World We Deserve

Aug, 05, 2014

It’s time to make family and medical leave affordable.

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Being Part of the White House Summit on Working Families

Jun, 30, 2014

I was proud to share the expertise of local activists who are determined that no one will be punished for being a good parent or good child to their parent.

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My Lunch with the President

Jun, 28, 2014

President Obama was appalled to learn Shelby had to send her father to out-patient surgery on the bus because she couldn’t afford to take unpaid time to care for him.

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Paid Leave: The Best Gift for Father’s Day

Jun, 12, 2014

Fathers agree, being good dad means being there for your kids – and that requires paid leave.

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White House Summit on Working Families

May, 20, 2014

The member coalitions of Family Values @ Work are proud to help build momentum for the White House Summit on …

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Voices from the Frontlines

Apr, 10, 2014

See why work doesn’t work for too many Americans – and how people like us are making a difference.

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Equal Pay for Women Requires Paid Time to Care

Apr, 07, 2014

Common sense policies like a family leave insurance fund not only strengthen families and lower turnover – they would also help lessen the gender wage gap.

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Boomer & Pals’ Call on Paternity Leave = Foul Play

Apr, 04, 2014

Sportcasters struck out when blasting Mets second baseman for being part of his child’s birth.

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President Obama Calls for Paid Leave Policies

Mar, 20, 2014

Congress, says the President, needs to decide whether to help women and families or hold them back.

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Minnesota Joins States Working to Win Paid Sick Days

Mar, 06, 2014

A good-paying job without paid sick days becomes no job at all.

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