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Blue’s Story

"Later, my partner spent many difficult and painful hours alone recovering from surgery. I wanted to be there, but I no longer had any paid time available."

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Jerrilyn’s Story

"I know when it’s my time to die and I think back about my life, I won’t give a damn whether I was at work or not, but I will care that I was with my dad. . . Work is important, but not as important as my family, my children, my husband. Those are the things that count in life. . . I had my dad for 94 years. . . I’m fortunate that I was able to be with him when he was sick. Everyone should be able to do that."

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Marie’s Story

“Because I exhausted my [PTO] and . . . borrowed days, I now have a negative number of days [and] am not eligible for any payment during my leave with this baby. My partner has taken a consulting job and is working evening and weekends in order for us to be able to afford for to me to stay with the baby”

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Sarah’s Story

"I have never worked so hard or been so devoted to a company because of the opportunities that they gave me to take care of my family . . . the bond and respect that was created between us was forged on their sensitivity to the fact that family is part of the life of every employee and that every employee in order to be healthy and productive has a life outside of work."

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Melissa’s Story

“Being seven weeks away from my due date and having my husband lose his job was pretty terrifying . . . without [Paid Maternity Leave] my husband and I would not have been able to pay our rent . . . or buy groceries . . . Having [Paid Maternity Leave] meant that my family was safe and secure and we were able to stay in our own home.”

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Tatiana’s Story

"There is no way that we could have [had] our baby [without paid family leave]."

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Amy’s Story

“I did not receive any paid leave when I adopted each of my two children . . . for us to go three months without my salary was just impossible and. . . two months without my salary was a hardship.”

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“Lynne’s” Story

"I adopted a child four years ago . . . and I did not receive Paid Family Leave, however I did cobble together my [vacation and sick time] to take three weeks off . . . [this time] gave us a chance to get our child out of NICU and home safe and sound. I think [Paid Family Leave] is a basic human right and [it is] a basic human need to have time together when a major life event happens."

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Sarah’s Story

"[Paid Leave] helped me to stay at my job . . . and ensure[d] that . . . everything was all taken care of at home and I was really prepared to do the job [when I went back] ... [It's] one of the main reasons why I’ve stayed at my job . . . and I anticipate being a long term employee."

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Alena’s Story

“[Paid Leave] means a tremendous amount to my family . . . I can [pay] undivided attention . . . to my baby for her first months of life.”

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