Sick Days
The Vermont Paid Sick Days Coalition worked to pass Vermont’s Healthy Workplaces Law in 2016. The law permits employees in Vermont to earn up to 3 days of sick leave per year, increasing to 5 days per year by 2019. Since the law’s passage, Main Street Alliance of Vermont has been working to provide support to Vermont small businesses for implementation of the new law.

Paid Family Leave
Main Street Alliance of Vermont is leading the VT Family and Medical Leave Insurance¬†(FaMLI)¬†Campaign, which is working to create a statewide insurance program that would cover up to 12 weeks of family or medical leave. More than 25 statewide advocacy organizations comprise the VT FaMLI Coalition, and a coalition-supported bill is making its way through Vermont’s House of Representatives with tri-partisan support and more than 50 cosponsors. A statewide family and medical leave insurance program will enable Vermont’s families to take the time they need, and it will help Vermont small business better compete in attracting and retaining employees, which will grow a healthy Vermont economy.